Dr. Kevin Hannigan


Kevin-HanniganKevin Hannigan has worked as a professional economist for almost 30 years as a researcher in academia and in the public and private sectors. This has included positions as an economics lecturer and researcher in the University of Ulster and NUI Maynooth, as a research economist at the National Economic and Social Council, and as Head of Research at the Irish Management Institute.

Economics is a specialism and most organisations do not have the required skills and experience in-house. That’s where economic consultants come in. As well as his work with Logistics.ie, Kevin is Managing Partner of KHSK Economic Consultants which he established as an independent economic consultancy over 25 years ago. He is also an Associate Consultant with Mazars Consulting Ireland and with TEAM Tourism and Tomorrow’s Tourism in the UK.

KHSK operates as a team of independent economic consultants in Ireland that provides independent economic advice and analysis to a range of clients. Economics is about applying a structured and logical way of thinking. It deals with the facts and builds logical arguments to reach sustainable conclusions.

This approach can be used in many situations, not just in relation to the macroeconomic issues that get so much coverage in the general media. It is just as applicable to commercial business situations as to the challenges that confront policy makers and those engaged in local and regional development.

Over the years, KHSK has built a strong reputation for providing extensive and well researched written reports. Kevin has managed the firm successfully since its inception undertaking projects as lead contractor or as part of a larger team.

The projects have involved research in a wide range of areas with a general focus over the years on areas such as:
The role of supporting infrastructure such as transport, education nodes, communications and waste management on performance;
Investment appraisal with a particular emphasis on Economic Impact studies and Socioeconomic Cost Benefit Analysis; and
The contribution of sectors such as tourism, forestry and renewable energy to regional development in Ireland;
The role of manpower and skills development in economic growth.

Clients have included:

  • Government Departments;
  • State Agencies;
  • Local Authorities;
  • Representative Associations;
  • Semi-state companies; and
  • Private firms in a range of sectors.

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Contact: kevin@logistics.ie