Professor John Mangan


John is a practice-oriented academic with a leading reputation in the fields of logistics and supply chain management. He holds the established Chair (full-time, tenured) in Logistics at the School of Engineering, Newcastle University, United Kingdom and he is also a Visiting Full Professor at the School of Business, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. 

John has spent his entire career around the logistics sector, starting as an air freight clerk with Aer Lingus, then as a civil servant focused on transport.  His academic career, qualifications and awards include BSc, HDip, MSc (Cranfield), MA (Lancaster), PhD (Cardiff University Logistics Systems Dynamics Group), Fulbright Scholar (Boston College), sabbatical at the Centre for Transportation and Logistics at MIT, and FCILT. He previously held academic roles at University College Dublin, the Irish Management Institute and at the University of Hull.

John’s main area of research interest is Global Logistics – how product moves around the world and associated economics, sustainability and technology dimensions – and he has a consistent and strong track record in winning external research funding from a range of sources (e.g. EU, UK and Norwegian governments, Lloyds, Prime Foundation). He has written specially commissioned expert reports for the UK government; served as an evaluator for the EU, the Inter-American Development Bank and other international bodies; and has conducted a range of management consultancies in various sectors including transport, biotech, food, banking, retail and government.

His textbook, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (4th edition published by Wiley in 2021), has sold over 30,000 copies to date and is widely adopted as one of the key texts in the field (Find out more about the book). He has significant journal editing and reviewing experience and an extensive raft of publications (including in top ranked Engineering and ABS 3* and 4* journals); three are particularly noteworthy and highly cited as they have put forward new concepts that are now widely used: the T-shaped model of logistics skills development, methodological triangulation for logistics research, and port-centric logistics. More recently, in conjunction with colleagues he has been developing the concept of the ‘self-thinking supply chain’.

John is a highly experienced and competent educator especially at postgraduate and post-experience levels where he has won a number of awards for his teaching. He has supervised or examined some 37 PhDs to date with a record three of his PhD supervisees having won the prestigious Cooper Cup for the best logistics / SCM PhD in the UK & Ireland.  He has developed a range of postgraduate and executive education programmes, negotiated and managed multi university consortia, participated in numerous accreditations, amassed considerable international teaching experience, and he has extensive experience in management development.  As well as completing formal qualifications in this area, he has taught on hundreds of programmes (both online and present-in-person) with consistently outstanding classroom evaluations.

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Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Find out more about the book.

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