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The aim of this website is to provide insights into the world of logistics and how it is changing with a particular focus on how developments impact on Ireland.  We bring together the expertise of a diverse range of professionals who address various logistics related topics, but with one common overriding aim: how we can ensure that Ireland, and the organisations that call it home, has a world class logistics system.


News & Commentary

Composite Materials and Sustainable Ships

Researchers have found that there is real potential for ships to be constructed from composite materials rather than steel, but not just yet is real. The environmental benefits of this would be considerable.

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Brexit, Trade Flows and Trade Diversion

The potential for Brexit to disrupt Ireland’s international trade is real. Changes in transport routes have made headlines. But the real economic costs arise if trade diversion should occur. The potential for this remains unclear.

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The Environmental Footprint of Supply Chains

The environmental impact of global supply chains can be complex with hidden connections. The concept of telecoupling has been developed by researchers to help uncover these connections.

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The Physical Internet Would Revolutionise Freight Movement

Digitised information can be transported efficiently, cheaply and quickly. The physical internet offers the possibility of availing of similar efficiencies to transport physical goods.

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The Largest Ports in the UK

Although Brexit may disrupt trade flows, the UK will remain Ireland’s largest single trading partner and a key route to Europe. These UK ports are important for Irish trade flows to many destinations.

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Who’s in the Logistics Hall of Fame?

It may not be as high profile as some other such awards, and being inducted is certainly not as glamourous, but the logistics Hall of Fame aims to recognise major contributions and improve the profile of the logistics profession.

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Container Shipping Rates Have Never Been Higher

International container shipping rates have been rising rapidly. Causes include the recovery from COVID, fiscal stimulus and blockages in supply chains. Rates seem unlikely to fall before next year.

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Port Infrastructure and Economic Growth

Good infrastructure in and around ports is generally considered to be important to Ireland’s economy. But just how important? What is the relationship between investment in port infrastructure and economic growth?

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Why Megaships Like Ever Given Became So Huge

The growth in the size of megaships is driven by a number of efficiencies but there are also difficulties, such as the recent Suez Canal blockage, that may indicate a limit is nearby.

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Post-COVID Recovery, Supply Chains and Prices

As economies begin to recover from the COVID slowdown, supply chains are under pressure and constraints are likely. A slower recovery along with higher prices and longer term inflation are real dangers.

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Revision of Energy Efficiency Policy

Proposals have been published for the revision of national regulations under the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive to cover 2021 to 2030. There are important issues for the transport sector that require attention.

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The Trucking Industry has Begun to Turn Electric

The trucking industry has begun to turn electric, although progress is slow. There are reasons to expect that passenger transport will take even longer.

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John Mangan

Professor of Logistics

John is Professor of Logistics in the School of Engineering at the University of Newcastle and is Visiting Professor at the School of Business in Trinity College Dublin. Read more.

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Economic Consultant

Kevin is an economist and is Managing Partner of KHSK Economic Consultants.  He writes on linkages between economic policy and performance. Read more.

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